What is EvoPixel?

Our mission is to make people happy through what we can offer. At the moment we rely more on gaming but we want to expand as much as possible in all areas related to IT and multimedia. We love what is new and we want everything we create to have a different style from everything we have seen before. In the beginning, we was a simply community of gaming, a continuation of the xMania community which is now a hosting company we are developing, but now we want the impossible and we will achieve it with your help.

EvoPixel now on android!

EvoPixel is available now on android. You can download the application below.


xMania developed by us!

xMania (former gaming community) is now a hosting company where you can find quality services at affordable prices. We wanted to create something memorable on behalf of the former xMania community, so we thus brought it to another level today being a site that offers services for all those who are looking for servers.